Monday, January 24, 2011

End Of Tour

The rest of the tour was great, save for the departure of Nico from Green & Wood at about 6 AM in Houston from a gas station. It wasn't cordial and that's all we care to say about that. We're sorry to all the Green & Wood fans that came out from as far as five hours away to see them. We here at the Hawk hope we were a satisfying enough experience. Luckily, Ethan decided to stick with us for the rest of tour. He's a super smart, talented, funny muther fucker and he helped alleviate some of the tension from having half the bill depart mid tour. Magda would have stayed but she got hammered by the flu and decided it was best to fly home, which was a drag because she whipped us into more fun beyond fart jokes and Magic The Gathering. During her recovery she found the time to edit some of the photos below.

Despite Nico's disappointing behavior in Houston we had a blast. Venomous Maximus played a spine ripping set and put us up (kept us up?) for the night.

La Fayette was another great show. Just Wildfires and us. Wildfires had a booming sonic cannon onslaught that kept the college coeds strutting outside at bay. The Gypsyhawk set saw the band at its best. Andrew was kissed on the cheek by a male fan after playing the new one "The Fields". Guess he liked it.

After a couple days BBQing and dancing in Bayouville we headed north to Memphis. Played at the Hi-Tone with TANKS and The Heavy Eyes. Both are killer so check them out. That's where we met the fans that drove all the way from Cincinnati to see both bands. Beers on us next, bros. And if you go to the Hi Tone get the Buffalo Wing pizza. Drool.

Fuck it's cold in Oklahoma City! But they got the best record store we've ever seen. Size Records has got everything you think makes your collection stand out and tons more. We got to drink a bottle of Makers and smoke in there after the show until the bottle was gone while Jim the owner played us cream of the crop wax. Oh yeah, the show was ripping, too. Some girl kept asking Eric and Andrew if they were "the skateboarder guy." This mustache/hair assuming is getting to feel like prejudice.

San Diego. Well, it took us two days to get there. That's something. Gabe from Red Octopus put the show together. We partied but then it was time to leave. Thanks to all our friends that made it.

L.A.? Uh, what? A good turn out at an L.A. show? What the fuck? Hell yeah! Thanks to everyone who made it out. We knew you'd come around. Must have been the Kelly Slater surf video on Fuel TV. L.A. loves TV.

Thanks to EVERYONE who came out the entire tour. It was the best one yet and we're amped on tons of MENERGY plotting the next one. May 6 - June 11 which includes our first ever appearances in the North East.

Special Thanks to Space Vacation, Lunchbox, Larry O and Lindy H, Lil Dogg, Jeremy, Mike and Lori, Uncle Randy and fam, Venomous Maximus, The Harrisseses, Masta Dane and family, Scotty's Godfather, Los Hijos Del Diablo, Jim, Gabe, Martin, and YOU!

Dick Pics:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


After a 20 hour mad dash with a treacherous course through the Hoover dam and a four hour nap at 7 in the morn Wal Mart style we made it to Larry O's in El Paso. What an awesome surprise this place was. We met a dude who just got out from five years for aggravated assault, a young man who had just got back from Afghanistan with some terrifying stories that didn't help prestage anxiety, and we ate pizza. Rocking commenced full force and the whole place was having a good time. We were given a huge brick of hash in exchange for a shirt but had to toss it out for fear of persecution from the Border Patrol who did unjustly pull us out of the van into the freezing night air, and stared at us with cold dead eyes while fingering their guns. Magda was not allowed to put in eye drops for fear that it would enable her lazer vision and she would blast our way out of there. Eventually they came in with disappointed stares and let us go for we are smarter than them.

Next day we went to San Angelo. We shook the foundations of their building, but not the foundations of their freedom. We were glad to be back in this town.

Austin. Red 7. Hung out with the Roller who are some of the raddest people ever. Jeremy's back yard skateboarding and sitting around the fire. Went to Mike and Lori's after and had a blast. Kept warm at the venue by drinking hot tea with whiskey and honey. Perfect. Next day we did a last minute show at a record store and both bands had to be in and out with all gear within the hour. We did two songs, "The Fields" and "Rock n Roll Hoochie Koo". After we went to the Green Mesquite and put ourselves into food comas that were absolutely worth it. Then we rode, to Uncle Randy's.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gypsywood: Day Zero

Gypsyhawk is proud to have the cats from Green and Wood with us on our third expedition across this fine nation of theirs. In addition to our new drummer Ian we have Ethan, Magda, and Nico. Eric is filling in on bass because Billy is indisposed and well missed. We also have Dakota doing merch/spirit guiding for us. So far he's only majorly blown it twice. We had an in-house photographer/videographer, Brandon, but he cut out after the first night because he didn't know what he was in for. Of course, Andrew is in the front navigating as usual, and scotty's got the caboose. Those are our players and we can now move on with our story.

The Hemlock is a pretty sweet place in San Francisco with babes who drink whiskey and dudes who have to shit behind a curtain because that's all there is. Our brothers Space Vacation headlined for us and all Defenders were present and accounted for. We debuted two new songs, one a mid-tempo groove hydra called "Silver Queen" about a late 18th century hot mess in Virginia unable to maintain her silver mine due to an all gay miner crew that prefers to party hard, pushing eachother in carts on the tracks screaming "whoooo!", than swing a pickaxe. The second is a lightning paced thrill hurler called "The Fields" about president James Garfield's Brady-esque family's tumultuous stay in the White House. Both Songs are historically inaccurate and libelous.

Next night, Reno. If you're a regular Blackhaven reader then you know how we do there and this night was no exception. Except for we got a rad hotel room in a casino from our man Lunchbox, had a snowball fight during the day, and met our self-proclaimed biggest fan who claimed she had followed us from Los Angeles. Whoa. Jameson and Jack Daniels flowed like the waters of the Rift Valley bringing us eye to eye with man's destiny. No one dared blink. We woke to snowy mountain tops surrounding the world's biggest little city, famished and with wool of the sweater for teeth. For that we made way to Ryan's Saloon and feasted on burgers, beers, and bloody marries. Fuel for our 2 day trek to Larry O's in El Paso.

Monday, January 3, 2011


7th San Francisco, CA @ The Hemlock w/ SPACE VACATION
9th OFF
10th El Paso, TX @ Larry O's Lounge w/ THIEVES OF ALWAYS and RESISTANCE
11th San Angelo, TX @
12th Austin, TX @ Red-7 w/ IRON FELIX and SKYCRAWLERS
13th OFF (possibly Dallas)
14th Houston, TX @ Rudyards w/ VENEMOUS MAXIMUS
15th Lafayette, LA @ Frankies w/ WILDFIRES
16th OFF
17th OFF
18th Memphis, TN @ The Hi-Tone w/ TANKS and THE HEAVY EYES
19th Oklahoma City, OK @ The Conservatory w/ LOS HIJOS DEL DIABLOS and THE PURPLE CHURCH
20th OFF
21st Carlsbad, CA @ Hensleys
22nd L.A. @ Three Clubs w/ IT'S CASUAL