Friday, October 1, 2010

The Road

Summing up the last few days quick, concise, and accurately spotty.

From Kansas we rode west to Denver. 3 Kings. Our very good friend Chris put us up and showed us a good time. The show wasn't bad but we did have some difficulties but a great time nonetheless. Can't wait to get back. The next day we checked out their museum of art where King Tut lay, and Joe played with some wind up toy he claims must have been invented by some "no pussy gettin' motha fucka." ha ha!

Salt Lake City! Shred Shed. Nicest dudes, and the most packed show we played. Little punk warehouse in the industrial part of town. These kids drink a fuck ton of beer and not just cuz it's 3.2%. Met the BROSHIP who we'll hopefully see in Rolling Stone soon for their prowess in drinking. Aunt Marta put us up, took good care of us, and we had a blast all in all.

Portland. Definitely made up for our last time was there. The promoter ducked out before our set and then rushed back when he got the call, "Dude, Gypsy Eagle is tearing it UP right now!" Plan B is a rad venue. The opening band Aranya were tight as hell and you should check them out. Luke, Tim, and Aunt Lora held down the local hospitality hard and we had a kick ass time. We might be seeing PDX on the reg in a few months.

Reno. Jub Jub's. Where it all was started. We owe this city our lives. Tony, Otis, V, Brendan P., Lunch Box, Ryan's Saloon, pretty much everybody except Adam for not coming. Things definitely got blurry before the night was done. Make sure you get a burger at Ryan's if you're there. Mac is the man at the grill. Dude can't see or hear too well, but, fuck, that BURGER.

San Francisco. Kimo's. No windows smashed this time. But we closed out the tour properly with our good bros Glitter Wizard. Love this city. Thanks to Micah and Glitter Wizard, Brian, Josh, Mikey, Hannah, Leah, Rubang, Pigs, and the rest of the family and all the O.G. D.O.G.T.

All in All, this was a fantastic journey. We pushed ourselves really hard, developed our confidence tremendously, and made never ending friends on a story that came to a close all too soon. Thanks to everything and everyone.

On a sad note, our dear friend Joe Fabio will no longer be playing drums with us. He's a great musician and we wish him infinite smoked joints and crushed cold beers. But we already got someone lined up so don't worry your pretty little head about it.

Enjoy the pics below.

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