Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Never Pee Indoors Again

We had a night off in Redding. Nothing happened there. But then we went to Arcata to play at the Alibi. Arcata is like a mix of the town square in Hill Valley and a Phish parking lot. But it’s also really cool and everyone working at the Alibi were really friendly and accommodating, the local record store dude at Missing Link was incredibly nice and hooked us up big time, and all the locals we met really enjoyed the show. We played predominantly a mix of B-sides including, but not limited to “Bokor’s Procession”, “Resentment City”, and “Rebellion On The Western Shore.” We drove through the red woods’ fog until we were too bedazzled to continue. The next morning Eric was accosted and then briefly detained for peeing in a bathroom. So what if it wasn’t his hotel room? Did they want him to pee on the bed? Dumb.

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