Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Who Needs To House When You Have A Castle in Oakland?

Had a slight issue with the computer so I didn't get around to writing anything happening at Castle Ultimate Studios. Until now. Everything is sounding great and we're having a blast. I can already tell this album is going to be far superior to the last one. Our guitar tones are breaking through way harder and rounder, like fake tits. I think we've developed a sound that sticks out from other bands, but, then again, I think all other bands suck besides Cinderella.

Our hotel room is ok. We had to bitch them out for not making our beds or giving us clean towels. And there's no shampoo to fight over. But the hotel sits beside the water and I got drunk the first night and jumped in. Hurt my toe.

We're taking tons of photos and video, but we're holding off showing a lot of it so we can edit it down to a Star Wars-esque masterpiece. Ian has been practicing shouting "Mootini!" and Ron has found a way to brush his hair so he looks like Chewbacca. I'm obviously Admiral Acbar and Eric can be one of the droids you're not looking for. But i've included a taste for you below.

Alright, Campers, I'm off for now, but stay up, stay black, and stay fresh with Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel.

(note: internet here sucks. couldn't post the video.)

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