Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Brief History of Time

Here's a semi-accurate account of the birth and growth of Gypsyhawk, as reported by the spirits of the forest. Which is dramatic flavor for, I'm just making this shit up as I go along.

Here are our players: Eric Harris - Bass, Vocals.
Andrew Packer - Guitars.
Scotty Conant - Guitars.
Carl Wierzbicky - Battery.
Joe Fabio - Energizer, Produsa.
Ian Brown - Copper Top, Nicknames
Ethan Fowler - Faux guitar, Stand up dude.
Erik Kluiber - Guitars, Housing.

August. 2008. Los Angeles, CA - Eric Harris smokes weed in Los Angeles. Decides he prefers the weather to Ohio. Makes contact with what would become Holy Grail. Shredding rules.

September 2008. Pasadena, CA - Andrew Packer's band Suns Beneath effectively breaks up. Holy Grail shredders hear news and
offer him audition for 2nd guitar. He doesn't bother to prepare and just plays Voodoo Child in key of Grail. He's not invited back.

Later that September. Mt Washington, CA - Harris dumps the Grail, wants to start his own band. Calls Packer. Packer puts down
scissors and runs over with his guitar. Harris and Packer decide to start "Black n' Roll" band. They begin search for other members.

October. 2008. Mt. Washington, CA - Carl Wiezerbacker meets Harris and Packer to play drums. He doesn't drink much beer. Packer suspects he's a narc and pats him down. He's not a narc, but it still felt right.

January. 2009. Los Angeles, CA - Scotty Conant joins Gypsyhawk.

March. 2009. Los Angeles, CA - Wiezerbacker leaves Gypsyhawk. The band is not Metalocalypse enough for him. "Thin Lizzy is gay." We don't tolerate prejudice, Carl. Beat it.

March - August. 2009. Los Angeles, CA - Gypsyhawk practices in their rehearsal studio as a three piece and "Carl Jr.", their metronome. Things are not boring. Not at all.

August. 2009. Los Angeles, CA - Joe Fabio comes to rehearsal to see if he wants to produce demo for Gypsyhawk. Rehearsing with them on drums is a friend. He steps out to take a no. 2. Fabio sits down on his drums. Some how after only 2 listens he nails "Gypsyhawk." Harris, Packer, and Conant kick Fabio out of studio and tell him to beat it. 2 days later Gypsyhawk calls up Fabio and offers him full time gig in band. He accepts.

October. 2009. North Hills, CA - Fabio pruh-duce-uhs Gypsyhawk's demo CD they put together on their own recognizance.

Halloween. 2009. Pasadena, CA - Gypsyhawk plays first show. 70 people arrive full of anticipation. 45 leave early never to be seen again.

January. 2010. Berkeley, CA - Ben Murray of Creator-Destructor Records hears Gypsyhawk demo. "Far out." He signs Gypsyhawk with only little hesitation. And there was much rejoicing.

April. 2010. Freemont, CA - Gypsyhawk records first full length record, "Patience and Perseverance" with Zach Oren in 8 days.

July. 2010. Ramona, CA - Gypsyhawk starts "Expedition on the Western Shore" Tour, their first. "Patience and Perseverance" is released.

September. 2010. Phoenix, AZ - Gypsyhawk begins first full national tour. Lasts the entire month. Harris, Packer, Conant, and Fabio's cycles all sync up.

October. 2010. Los Angeles, CA - Fabio leaves Gypsyhawk to pursue his love of music. Ian Brown's hazing period begins.

January. 2011. San Francisco, CA - Gypsyhawk does a tour through the South with GREEN & WOOD. Green & Wood beat it early due to irreconciliable inferences. Upon returning to LA Conant leaves Gypsyhawk

February. 2011. Lincoln Heights, CA - Gypsyhawk throws rager at the Poor Kids Radio Mansion and films it for their first music
video directed by Pat Fogarty and Dave Oharra. Latent "mansioning" invented. Ethan Fowler of G&W sits in on 2nd guitar.

Valentines Day. 2011. Pasadena, CA - Erik Kluiber auditions for 2nd guitar. Harris and Packer threaten violence if he doesn't join. He does. And there is much rejoicing.

March. 2011. Boyle Heights, CA - Kluiber's first show with Gypsyhawk at the BLVD. with Christian Mistress and Witch Mountain.

May. 2011. San Francisco, CA - Gypsyhawk begins "Defending Good Times Tour". "Housing" is invented. Ron Houser and Pee Pee Rider are born.

July. 2011. Agora Hills, CA - Gypsyhawk signs with Metal Blade Records. No one but band and label believes it.

September. 2011. Ventura, CA - Gypsyhawk begin 40 date "When Mountains Crush To Dust" tour with HUNTRESS. Huntress go home after first week because they run out of juice.

February. 2012. Oakland, CA - Gypsyhawk records... well we're not supposed to say the title yet. But we recorded with Zach
Oren in 6 days. And it rips.

For everything else, stay the fuck tuned.

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