Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Assück: Crises Averted

After Gainesville we had 3 days to get to Columbus. Unacceptable. We needed a show to throw in there. We bombarded Birmingham, Knoxville, Covington, Cleavland, and Lexington with phone calls, emails, and myspaces on our way North. Nothing. We did find out that Eric has an old friend christened Woody going to school in Lexington. The plan was to set up camp in his apartment and figure it out.

Walking down the street to a bar Andrew gets stopped by a citizen enjoying a beer.

Assück shirt?! You guys in a band from out of town?

Ha ha. Yeah.

Where you guys playing?

We don't have a show.

Well, you gotta play The Green Lantern!

That'll do.

Sure enough, next day we get the call that the show is on. Our man on the street, Pope, got his band, All American Werewolves (, to help draw. They're a kick ass punk band so check them out. We opened the show. The crowd was mostly unsuspecting and suspicious faces that quickly erupted into furious excitement and raised beers. We made friends with every person in there and had a blast. Definitely going back to Lexington.

Tonight, Columbus.

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