Friday, September 17, 2010

Christopher Columbus vs. Indiana Jones

Dead Sea

After we teared it all up spur of the moment in Lexington we made way to Columbus, Ohio. Hound Dog pizza. New records. Black Label Beer. Got to meet a shit ton of Eric's amazing old friends. Too many to mention, but the bands they were in all ruled heavily. Night Soil, Eye, and Dead Sea. Make sure to check out Dead Sea on their tour in October. All in all we hung out with some of the nicest and raddest people around. Extra Special thanks to Leighanna Hopf, et al for tremendous hospitality. (I'll get you your book back some day, I promise.) We leisurely left around 3 the next day and left a tornado in our wake. Seriously, look it up.

Indianapolis. very nice people. I don't have very much to say about this show. We played pretty good and had some laughs. Then we slept at the WalMart and now we're getting the van serviced with a smile.

Next, Deep dish pizza and radioactive relish.

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