Wednesday, January 12, 2011


After a 20 hour mad dash with a treacherous course through the Hoover dam and a four hour nap at 7 in the morn Wal Mart style we made it to Larry O's in El Paso. What an awesome surprise this place was. We met a dude who just got out from five years for aggravated assault, a young man who had just got back from Afghanistan with some terrifying stories that didn't help prestage anxiety, and we ate pizza. Rocking commenced full force and the whole place was having a good time. We were given a huge brick of hash in exchange for a shirt but had to toss it out for fear of persecution from the Border Patrol who did unjustly pull us out of the van into the freezing night air, and stared at us with cold dead eyes while fingering their guns. Magda was not allowed to put in eye drops for fear that it would enable her lazer vision and she would blast our way out of there. Eventually they came in with disappointed stares and let us go for we are smarter than them.

Next day we went to San Angelo. We shook the foundations of their building, but not the foundations of their freedom. We were glad to be back in this town.

Austin. Red 7. Hung out with the Roller who are some of the raddest people ever. Jeremy's back yard skateboarding and sitting around the fire. Went to Mike and Lori's after and had a blast. Kept warm at the venue by drinking hot tea with whiskey and honey. Perfect. Next day we did a last minute show at a record store and both bands had to be in and out with all gear within the hour. We did two songs, "The Fields" and "Rock n Roll Hoochie Koo". After we went to the Green Mesquite and put ourselves into food comas that were absolutely worth it. Then we rode, to Uncle Randy's.

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