Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gypsywood: Day Zero

Gypsyhawk is proud to have the cats from Green and Wood with us on our third expedition across this fine nation of theirs. In addition to our new drummer Ian we have Ethan, Magda, and Nico. Eric is filling in on bass because Billy is indisposed and well missed. We also have Dakota doing merch/spirit guiding for us. So far he's only majorly blown it twice. We had an in-house photographer/videographer, Brandon, but he cut out after the first night because he didn't know what he was in for. Of course, Andrew is in the front navigating as usual, and scotty's got the caboose. Those are our players and we can now move on with our story.

The Hemlock is a pretty sweet place in San Francisco with babes who drink whiskey and dudes who have to shit behind a curtain because that's all there is. Our brothers Space Vacation headlined for us and all Defenders were present and accounted for. We debuted two new songs, one a mid-tempo groove hydra called "Silver Queen" about a late 18th century hot mess in Virginia unable to maintain her silver mine due to an all gay miner crew that prefers to party hard, pushing eachother in carts on the tracks screaming "whoooo!", than swing a pickaxe. The second is a lightning paced thrill hurler called "The Fields" about president James Garfield's Brady-esque family's tumultuous stay in the White House. Both Songs are historically inaccurate and libelous.

Next night, Reno. If you're a regular Blackhaven reader then you know how we do there and this night was no exception. Except for we got a rad hotel room in a casino from our man Lunchbox, had a snowball fight during the day, and met our self-proclaimed biggest fan who claimed she had followed us from Los Angeles. Whoa. Jameson and Jack Daniels flowed like the waters of the Rift Valley bringing us eye to eye with man's destiny. No one dared blink. We woke to snowy mountain tops surrounding the world's biggest little city, famished and with wool of the sweater for teeth. For that we made way to Ryan's Saloon and feasted on burgers, beers, and bloody marries. Fuel for our 2 day trek to Larry O's in El Paso.


  1. how bout some of those famous TOUR pictures......
    UR (Houston)

  2. The Gypsyhawk express landed and all is well. Good to have the boys back in Texas. We enjoy y'all company tremendously.