Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 21: Ashevillians

I asked Kristin, who put on the show, and played guitar in ZOMBIE QUEEN, what I should include in this blog post. This is what she said:

mmmm..let's see, hogzilla, shiner, upside down dri patch, busch lite blaze orange cammo can
satanic faith healing you gave me on my forehead
(didn't work btw.."E" for effort
Zombie Queen Shout Out
(cuz we luv yuh)

Me: is that all?

Kristin: i'm thinkin... the night was a little hazy!
oh Yeah! BiGGGG WEINEZ!!!!

Yeah, that pretty much sums it right up.


  1. WTF is a Weinez?? I wrote it and i ain't gotta clue.... Whatever it is, i'm pretty sure i want it! xo Kristin!

  2. If that girl could sing, I would probably like this band