Saturday, July 10, 2010

Expedition On The Western Shore - post 1

We finally got a chance to sit down and write. We're in Portland and it's hot. Ripe smells permeate the band atmosphere so we're up in some nice digs showering and drinking.

First Show was at Ramona Mainstage in Ramona, CA, home of the wild animal park ie the middle of nowhere. The place was the size of a mega church and we failed to pack them in. But so did the promoter and the town favorite so we all suck equally. Red Octopus put us up so we had great people to party with. And check out Green Room. The kid is the apprentice of Isiah from Earthless so there's that.

Next was the 4th. Some of us were with vatos in Boyle Hieghts, some in LBC with family, the rest at the Huntress party in Highland Park. Booze, fireworks, blah blah. We all had a great first day off from tour.

Hollywood. Les Deuxdxxxxkdshf;. Great staff and Tuesdae is our babe of the year. She got up and sang back up on Rock N' Roll Hoochie Coo with us. That is sure to be a tour high lite. Sumerian Axe crushed it. Playing again with them at Que Sera July 25 with Emeralds, and Wildildlife so don't be stupid and come to that one.

Ventura. Worst mexican food ever, but not Mexican people's fault. Usually metal kids like us, but not so sure this time. We did get hit on by two old drunk guys, though. No one would put us up except the old drunk guys so we went to the Santa Barbara Mission and met some kids rummaging for change in the giant ass fountain. They were there for about 45 more minutes while we sat on a wall drinking wine and smoking reefer. Got kicked out about 8 in the morning and beat it.

SF, day one. Partied.

SF, day two. Oakland, technically. Played with Hobocop, who was like a band that would play The Smell, Glitter Wizard, who are the shit and our brothers so listen to them. I'd say they sound like Black Sabbath with David Bowie instead of Ozzy and all that that would entail. Last was Taco Cat. Cute chicks playing upbeat poppy punk. Also would do well at the smell. Outside there were crackheads and riots.

Reno. Top show so far. Knew nobody but made tons of friends. Great bands and great folk abound. Plus it's nevada so we could drink and smoke indoors all night. Particular band of note (even though all bands were great) was Knight Fall. Sheeeeeeit. Catchy metal that doesn't repeat itself. Shit was real. If you were at a party in the woods and someone offered you a tab of Emperor or a hit of Wintersun you'd take both and end up with Knight Fall. All the kids were great and we can't wait to go back. If you're ever in Reno go to Ryan's Saloon. Honestly, can't say enough good stuff about this place and the shows there. Fuck, some of the tastiest burgers ever, too.

Portland. ...TO BE CONTINUED...

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