Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Expedition On The Western Shore - post 3

San Francisco. Kimo's. Another well played, auto-destructive, megamaniacal, outstanding, jibber jabbering hot mess of radicalizationess. Hats off to Space Vacation and, once again, Glitter Wizard. Party was cut short when Black Betty got her rear right window smashed in by a crack head on the hunt for tasty snacks that he could trade for smokable rocks. Decided to round the night out with bong and Big Trouble in Little China. Not bad.

Santa Cruz. Once again blessed to share the stage with Glitter Wizard. We'll have pics soon. Partied with our buds in Decrepit Birth and Son Of Aurelius who also put us up for the night. If y'all know Decrepit you know the hash smoke was thick, so it didn't help when Joel broke their ceiling fan with his head to prove some sort of point. Laid out on the floor then moved on to Reno.

Reno. About an hour into the trip there we got the call that the show was canceled so we flipped a bitch on the 101 and headed back to L.A. 10 minutes later we got the call that the show was back on. We got to Reno 5 hours later and found out the other bands didn't know they were supposed to play. So we drank. Riff Lovin Rio, Reno's rock goddess, put her fingers to work and came up with Otis and their P.A. Otis' singer didn't show up until 5 minutes before they were set to play because he was out drinking and celebrating his birthday. When he got the call ten minutes earlier he said, "Gypsyhawk is back??? I'm on my way!!" Sweet fuckin' dude, sweet fuckin' dudes, sweet fuckin' band. They let us shack up at their house/farm and we did it right 'til 7 in the morn. We love Reno. Some of the coolest cats conceived.

Home. Relax Bar with Colombian Necktie, Mountains of Blow, and Lungbutter. Not a bad night to close out the tour. Had a bunch of friends show up unexpectedly which was nice. And it was the only night of the tour where guitar strings broke on stage (Scotty:2, Andrew:1). So now we're home, booking September which will start in Phoenix, head east to Florida, up to Chicago, west to Seattle, then south home again. See you around.

Eric, Andrew, Joe, and Scotty.

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