Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Expedition On The Western Shore - post 2

So, we picked up the records in SF. Come to one of our next shows and get one.

Portland. Amazing show, awesome promotion, the DJ we played with had only the choicest of nuggs, and the other band really packed in tons of people for us. Oh yeah, and Lemmy showed up to sing "Free Bird". So shizzling dizzle dope! But, special thanks to our friends for coming out and giving us a place to sleep.

Seattle. When waking up alone in a strange place you must remember to be prepared. Just because it's warm and sunny at 9:30 PM doesn't mean it won't be cold, dark and rainy at 10 the next morning. The other important thing to remember about that is don't be distracted by big lights and cultural milestones cloaked in the cumbersome environment. Get your coffee right away or you might walk into slowly moving vehicles in reverse. That all said, the show was a good one. Mystery Ship and Emeralds are both great bands filled with awesome guys and should be paid attention to by you. So if you're in Seattle and either of those bands are playing hightail it over, but don't miss out on Blowjob: The Musical, currently playing at The Rendezvous. Just make sure you don't walk in during rehearsal or else you'll get reprimanded with a "get the hell out, dipshit."

We took off around 2 the next afternoon after getting the truck out of the tow yard (*quadruple checking with a hotel concierge about your parking spot is apparently not enough in this town) and drove straight to SF to arrive about 7 in the morning. Tonight we play at Kimo's with Space Vacation and Glitter Wizard, all Blackhaven highlights. It's gonna rock.

Tomorrow Santa Cruz, then back to Reno, then homeward bound, the incredible journey, to close the expedition in Hollywood.

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