Thursday, April 15, 2010


On the way to Castle Ultimate today we were listening to "Zombie Ritual" from DEATH's first album Scream Bloody Gore and I was thinking about how when I first heard the album I was a little surprised at how awesome it was. My initial love for DEATH developed with their later albums Human through The Sound Of Perseverance. Those albums provide a clear and obvious evolution that was so profound my instinct was that their earliest stuff was probably missable in that it couldn't possibly stand up to what they became. However, anyone who appreciates early death metal for it's more simplistic song structure knows that DEATH were probably the best at the genre even then. Listening to "Zombie Ritual" made me think about how GYPSYHAWK might develop as a band in 15 years or so and if we'll come anywhere close to the profound evolution that carried DEATH to their seminal status. Maybe we'll call our final album The Sound Of Patience and Perseverance.

Back to actual studio news. It's god damn beautiful in the Bay and almost a shame we have to spend all this time indoors. Yesterday the bass was a lummox lumbering throughout, but it got done. Guitars started today and most of the rhythms ought to be finished so we're right on schedule. Leads should be done tomorrow as well, then it's our day off with a show at the Gilman, then three more days of vocals, percussion, and mixing. Everything is sounding great so far despite being unmixed and with just one guitar. On another note, we received a nearly finished version of the artwork by Dan Lerner for the album Patience and Perseverance and it is unbelievably awesome. We're stoked, and you should be too.

Defending Good Times,

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