Thursday, April 8, 2010


So it's busy like the corner of Santa Monica and Highland for us here in the Gypsyhawk. Monday night was our third and best night playing at Les Deux. Opening the night was SF's most mighty power trio SPACE VACATION who ripped it up like a black hole. Combining the thrill of NWOBHM greats like Angel Witch with the, uh, spaciness of Hawkwind these guys got the crowd properly warmed up for us. Judging by the whirlwind pit during some of our more mid-tempo jams I'd have to say they thoroughly delivered one of the best opening acts I've seen.

We played two classics, "Commander Of The High Forest", the obligatory "Gypsyhawk", and 4 new tracks "The Bokor's Procession", "The Rabble and The Ruled", "Defenders Of Good Times", and "Rebellion On The Western Shores". The crowd shit apes for all of them and guaranteed we here at Gypsyhawk are still on the right path.

Following us was HUNTRESS and they executed every muther fuckin last one of 'em. If you don't know yet about these titanic slay monsters then do your ears and eyes a favor and check them out.

Now back to our news. Sunday (4/11) we're playing at The BLVD. in Boyle Heights with thrash revival heavyweights LIGHT THIS CITY for their final show ever. Playing as well are black metalers THE FUNERAL PYRE, and AT OUR HEELS. Sore thumbs the Hawk will be but we'll hitch a ride anyway. So if you like our heavier stuff then come to this show cuz that will be the bulk of the set. The day after we head to The Bay to record our upcoming album Patience and Perseverance with Zack Ohren (ANIMOSITY, SUFFOCATION, DECREPIT BIRTH... Gypsyhawk?). The album is due out in June on Creator-Destructor Records and will include the 8 tracks from our S/T EP and the 4 new ones mentioned above. We'll be reporting from the studio while we're up there and let you know if we're fucking up or not.

Turn down the lights and turn up the tunes,

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