Sunday, April 18, 2010

An Institution Is The Lengthened Shadow Of One Gypsyhawk

"Gypsyhawk Rocked My Face Off" scribbled on the wall of the Gilman by a new unsuspecting fan the night previous.

Last day of recording at the castle nest. Scotty and Andrew are burning scales through the walls and leaving guitars in shards and pieces. Joe the Drummer finished some nice mallet work on his cymbals for "Eyes of Ibad" and hit the road to go be with his lady friend who is restless at home on top of some poor medical news. That's why he's The Debonair One. And Eric has had enough and contented himself to the safety of video games and tending his herb garden.

Tonight we're listening to near-to-total final mixes and are expecting great results. It looks like our 12 songs are going to be about an hour and ten minutes long. Rumors abound that Patience and Perseverance will therefore be a double LP when pressed on wax. We're pretty fucking excited. Tomorrow is the last day at the studio. We'll be in the Bay for a couple days after getting tattooed and wasting money. Hopefully we'll see some of you around.

Sincerely Yours,
Big S, Raven, Touchdown, and Jocaine.

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