Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Light This Stude

In the Bay doing drum tracks at the moment. Zack has them cued up perfectly and Joe is nailing pretty much every take. Going smooth. It seems our primary concern will be just the sheer volume of work, 12 or 13 tracks, that we have to do in a week. We'll see.

Sunday night we played with LIGHT THIS CITY on their final show. I think the kids liked our schtick despite our guitars that don't grind, our vocals that don't scream, and our drums that don't blast. Apparently our brand of "boogie metal" (as one fan called it) has an application amongst the hardcore metal community. Although, it might have just been our prompt set up followed by a swift exit. We'll see this Saturday at Gilman if this is a universal sentiment amongst metal audiences. Playing along with us will be AT OUR HEELS again and 3 other bands that shred, kill, and eschew various nations' conventions like only bay area metal bands can.

Gypsyhawk, out.

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