Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 1: Ventura Capitalists

Ventura was much better this time than last. No one told us to “go back to San Francisco”. This town if full of only 21 year old girls. For some reason California now issues ID cards that look so alien to what I’ve always seen that it looks like some drunk Yugoslavian was just guessing what they look like when he got his fake ID business going. Both us and Huntress played well. And so did Brothers of the Sonic Cloth and The Fucking Wrath. It was a good night. Finished it off at a new friend’s place to house a bottle of Jack and two sandwiches from the liquor store. Surprisingly good pastrami, and I go to Langer’s.

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  1. Ha Ha I cant wait to meet you guys sept 26th..Rawk on!