Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day X: Portland Tail Chazers

Yeah. PDX. A city that didn’t have anything cooler than an airport to inspire a nickname. How about TriCano? There’s three bad ass volcanoes covered in snow all year round surrounding the city and that’s not used as a major selling point? I guess I can see why. We call Pasadena the PSD, but it sounds cool (see: Ice Cube’s verse in “Fuck Tha Police”). “X” is like, rollerblade competitions and nu-metal. But, we scored some magic cards and drank whiskey on the Sandy River during the day, so not all was lost.

One funny thing, when the liquor store clerk in the Red Fang shirt asked what we sound like I said, “Kinda like Red Fang so you might be down,” he replied, “nah. I don’t really like Red Fang.” He didn’t come. Maybe he’s like that homeless guy at the 7-11 in Highland park wearing a “Gippie Hawk” shirt because some teenagers gave it to him in exchange for buying them beer.

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