Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 14: Texarkana... I got nothin

You know when you're in a Southern road house in Arkansas, and all the locals look at you like you're Patrick Swayze taking a dump, and the promoter welcomes you in like you're his brother just returning from his third tour in Afghanistan, and then you play an awesome set for a shit ton of people, and one dude who works there named Something Rad gives you a jar of home made BBQ sauce, and then you go to a bar and meet a bunch of rad new friends, and then you time travel around town for a few hours, then it goes on and on, getting more and more awesome, and you get a bunch of free M:tG cards, and you eat bbq, and your life just rules, and rules, and rules for 3 days? Well, that's Texarkana.

There's lots of photos you can't see, but here's a few we think you should.

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